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How are you doing?

At YASS, we watch you grow and develop into the most amazing authentic yew. Because without you, the world would not be the same. Thank you for being here. Thank you for being yew. We are open to assisting you to experience the yew that you never thought existed.

What we do.

Take a Journey through Thai massage, sound, and reiki as well as gentle and effective japanese-style acupuncture. Enhance the body's ability to self-heal. Restore balance, wholeness, and harmony to body, mind, and spirit at YASS.

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Integrative Acupuncture & Massage

Experience a gentler way of receiving acupuncture with a combination of massage and cupping. Thai oil massage is a great way to invite the body to feel safe and relaxed as well as clearing blockage in the energy channels of the body. Needles used in the session are smaller than most acupuncture needles. Needle sensitive individuals can request even smaller needles. Your comfort is forever our priority.

Integrative Session with Sound healing

Our bodies are similar to a guitar which overtime can get out of tune. In this combo session, your body, heart, and mind will be guided to the state of harmony and tuned into the healing power of nature. Blessed warm water will be poured into a Tibetan singing bowl. The bowl is then placed onto the body. Through the invitation and rubbing of the bowl, the body will arrive at the state of relaxation. Sound Bath is later played around the body in order to create the perfect fifth sonic interval as well as binaural beats, which will induce different states of relaxation or energization.

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