“I was excited to go to Teng for a healing session at his Seattle clinic. He helped address the tension I had in my body and legs, and remove the headache I was having. It was easy to talk with him and share him my challenges - he is so gently supportive and non judgmental about where I was at. Teng utilized a blend of healing modalities on me, and by the end I felt as though I had melted into the table. It was such a change from how I arrived. I am excited to return for continued sessions as I process my life events, and I highly recommend him to anyone interested in a holistic approach to healing! THANK YOU!“ - J.S.

“My session with Teng was very nourishing, fulfilling and brought a lot of clarity. We did a mixture of acupuncture, crystals placed on certain points in the body with tuning forks and sound bowls. Before I started the session, I was feeling exhausted mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as well as constricted. As the session went on, I felt more at ease in my body like something felt as if it was melting away and by the end, was more aligned with myself, energized and could notice I was needing rest. Teng is very compassionate and intuitive of what I was needing and was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend having a session with him as it'll be the nourishment that you may be needing and not realizing it. The session really helped as I do feel way more consolidated and each day with the family has been so much easier. It's like we're embracing all of each other's shadows and I don't feel like I'm taking on other things. Thank you along with doing my own inner work after, it has been profound so thank you” - C.E.

"Ocean is a friendly, loving, caring and kind person. He’s also intuitive, sensitive and talented. I love receiving treatments from him. I’m very sensitive myself and it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t over treat me. I like the way he brings Healing with Sound, Thai massage, Oil Massage, Reike, Craniosacral Massage and Chinese Astrology into his practice when it’s appropriate." - V.F.

"Stumbled across Ocean at Golden Hour on a trip to Portland visiting from Vancouver, Canada. And so happy I did! Had a terrible neck and shoulder sprain that had been bothering me for over a week. Booked an hour treatment that included massage and acupuncture. The following day my pain was totally gone. Thank you Ocean!!" - C.B.

“Oh my goodness! I received the most incredibly nurturing and restorative acupuncture & sound healing session (tuning forks and singing bowls) with the talented and loving Teng. The word bliss came to mind and body. Thank you SO much. Teng is very skilled, intuitive, and beautiful healer. It has been a privilege being under Teng’s special care. Highly recommend, booking a session for literally any reason!!” - J.L.

“Teng is a wise, highly knowledgable and thoughtful healer. Teng combined reading my astrology chart, acupuncture, sound therapy, and touch/massage during our session. I hadn't experienced this combination before. It was incredibly relaxing and helped me get over a personal healing hurdle by helping me reset energetically. I was fascinated to learn from Teng that sound therapy/tuning forks helps to ~tune a person's internal ~notes so to speak. I would highly recommend YASS and Teng! Thank you for the fabulous treatment and relief it brought!” - B.P.

“Teng is amazing!!! As soon I arrived he take care of me. The atmosphere of the office is incredible and Teng have the most powerful and healing hands in this world. If you're in Washington you need to meet Teng! :)” - S.V.

“Teng is a wonderfully caring and fantastic practitioner. I've had several sessions with Teng and it continues to be a regenerative and calming experience. I had a back injury many years ago and whenever I have a flare up I can rely on Teng to remove tension and discomfort, and restore mobility. After my sessions I feel physically and mentally recuperated, relaxed but energetic the next day (great sleep too). The combination of singing bowls and sound tools makes for an especially spa-like experience, unlike any acupuncturist I have been to in Seattle. Will definitely return.” - N.V.D.

“I saw Ocean for a 40 min acupuncture session and it was AMAZING! I will continue to go monthly. I had never tried acupuncture, and I think the mini session is the perfect way to try it out. I felt so grounded and relaxed after my session. I will be booking again!” - C.C.